Travelers Destination Oxford

Travelers Destination Oxford, the “city of dreaming spires” is well known all over the world for its great colleges and universities. The city comes under the governance of Oxford shire in England and holds a population of more than 134,000.

Oxford boasts the prestigious University of Oxford, which is the oldest university in the English speaking world. The place was first taken by the Saxons and it is they who built the nunneries of the 8th century. The name of world famous university was first recorded in some accounts of the 12th century.

Oxford is a great place with a number of tourist attractions. Apart from the world famous colleges and universities, some other places of interest are The Christ Church Cathedral, The Church of St Mary the Virgin, Martyrs’ Memorial, Ashmolean Museum, Pitt Rivers Museum, Museum of Natural History, Museum of the History of Science, Science Oxford, the University Botanic Garden, Corn market Street, Turl Street, Little Clarendon Street and the museums and art galleries etc. Some other very renowned places are the Pitt Rivers Museum, Museum of Natural History, and Museum of the History of Science, Museum of Oxford, and Museum of Modern Art.

For shopping purposes, the Golden Cross is perhaps the best. The place has ample buildings, which are an indication of the century old art and architecture. Oxford has a number of places where people can enjoy great cuisine. They include Cherwell Boathouse Restaurant, Gee’s Restaurant, Le Manoir aux Quat’ Saisons, Rosamund the Fair, Al-Salam, Browns, The Eagle and Child, The Turf Tavern, The Lamb and Flag and the Bear etc.

Transport facilities in Oxford are quite good. Oxford is connected with London, which is more than 50 miles North West of the city. Both the cities are linked with each other by the M40 motorway, which also connects the cities to Birmingham. Oxford is connected to London (Paddington), Birmingham, Coventry Bournemouth, Worcester and Bicester with good rail links. There is the Oxford Canal, which joins to the River Thames at Oxford. The Oxford Airport at Kidlington is also a convenient transport link.

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The Best Travel Destinations

Statistically speaking, lots of natural corners and epitomes of civilization deserve a place among top ten travel destinations. Yet, there is seldom a match between what people dream for in a vacation and what they actually buy in terms of package. For example, Hawaii is what you long for, but as it may be out of your reach, you’ll just choose a resort that suits your budget. Top ten travel destinations are usually very exotic places with a cultural and historic charge that complements an incredibly beautiful landscape.

Top ten travel destinations are created based on the impressions of people who have actually visited certain places. Egypt, Tasmania in Australia, Bangkok in Cambodia, Sardinia in the South of Italy, Monaco, Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, Paris or Damascus are just a few examples of favorite travel destinations. The criteria of appreciation differ from case to case, but tourists would rather want to see something memorable rather than just sit on a beach and relax. The key to defining top ten travel destinations is to make a list with the natural and cultural attractions that get tourists’ attention.

You can find plenty of travel related web sites and very many top ten travel destinations. The general preference goes for those parts of the world with rich cultures and traditions, very diverse foods, cheap services and lots of entertainment possibilities. This is why South Asia fascinates and delights tourists, and the same holds true for the great Ummayad Mosque of Damascus or the Pyramids in Egypt. In fact, there is something noteworthy of visiting in every country.

Actually, travel agents usually provide touristic packages that can be considered affordable for the average consumer. A clear example here would be the simple choice of a winter vacation. If you live in the US, you’d rather go to Aspen to enjoy skiing rather than fly all the way to Europe for a week in the Austrian Alps. Top ten travel destinations thus remain limited by the budget, because not everybody can afford to travel to exotic, far-away places.

If you get the chance of going to some very special destination, enjoy every minute you spend there. Sometimes, people make lifetime savings to be able to enjoy a great cruise or some exotic vacation on a tropical island. For such a situation, this unique chance becomes the best of all top travel destinations.

Austria Travel Destination Guide

Austria has something for both the art-loving traveler and the outdoorsman alike and is ultimate year-round vacation destination. Skiers and hikers can make ample use of the Austrian Alps. While those who have an eye for architecture will go gaga over what is considered some of the most elaborate and ornate designs in all of Europe. A journey to Innsbruck, with it gorgeous back drop of snow-capped mountain peaks which serve to highlight a town of impressive historic structures. For those who know their music history, Austria is also the homeland of great composer Mozart and birth place of an unparalleled musical tradition, particular in the nation’s capital, Vienna.

Best Time To Visit Austria

Austria has something to offer travelers no matter the time of the year, whether it is sightseeing during the summer or enjoying a bit skiing during the winter. The downside to the summer months is obviously the larger crowds and inflated prices for food and accommodations. Those particularly interested in winter sports will want to take advantage of the prime season, which runs from mid-December through late March. In June, the Alps are laden with the riotous colors of spring, attracting visitors who want to do more than hit the slopes.

Facts About Austria

  • Full name: Republic of Austria
  • Capital City: Vienna
  • Area:83,858 sq km/32,378 sq mile
  • Population: 8,022,300
  • Time Zone: GMT/UTC +1 ()
  • Language: German (official) Turkish (other) language spoken by an ethnic minority Slovenian (other) official in Carinthia; Croatian (other) official in Burgenland; English (other); Hungarian (other) official in Burgenland
  • Religion:8% Roman Catholic, 6% Protestant
  • Currency:Euro
  • Electricity:230V 50HzHz
  • Electric Plug Details: European plug with two circular metal pins
  • Country Dialing Code:43
  • Money and Costs:
    • Meals
    • Budget: US$5-10
    • Mid-range:US$10-20
    • High: US$20+
    • Lodging
    • Budget: US$10-40
    • Mid-range: US$40-80
    • High: US$80+

Events in Austria

Music festivals seem to be a common fixture in Austria throughout the year. Beginning in January, the city hosts various New Year’s Eve concerts that include luxurious balls. Those who enjoy masquerades and dances will find plenty of both during February’s Fasching (Carnival) celebrations in honor of spring’s return. Corpus Christi celebrations include even more carnival activities, many of which are held in the Salzkammergut. Between mid-May and mid-June, the annual Vienna International Festival is a highlight of the Austrian calendar of events that includes many worthy arts programs and events. Those who like the festive atmosphere of nice summer nights and warm bonfires will enjoy the June 21 Midsummer night celebrations. Come at the tail end of the summer season is the Salzburg International Festival that includes a host of musical productions and features the works of native son, Wolfgang Mozart. In October, there is National Day, a patriotic celebration and St Nicholas Day, held on December 5th, a holiday festival that ushers in the season with a events and colorful parades.

Attractions in Austria


The city of Vienna is the crown jewel of Austrian cities and historically rich center for the once powerful Habsburg dynasty. Ornate edifices distinguish the city center, while some of the region’s finest museums offer many wonderful exhibitions. Vienna is also known for its spectacular concert halls where the renowned Vienna orchestra performs classical pieces by such composers as Mozart, Bach, and Beethoven and choirs fill the hall with their exultations. Travelers should not the convenient placement of the city’s primary attractions in the inner city or Innere Stadt. Some notable sights include the Stephansdom, the cavernous interior of the Hofburg (Imperial Palace), as well as Vienna’s Judenplatz, or Jewish Quarter.

Eisriesenwelt Caves

The Eisriesenwelt Caves are the largest accessible ice caverns in the world. The impressive caves are made up of more than 40 kilometers of explored passages as well as about 30,000 cubic meters of ices. Visitors to the Eisriesenwelt Caves will be pleasantly surprised to find that there are regular 75-minute tours in and out of the caverns that take groups into some enormous rooms that contain natural ice formations shaped in intricate patterns as well as beautiful frozen waterfalls.


The city of Salzburg is situated among mountains and stretched across the banks of the Salzach River, not too far the German border. The old city is really not much more than a Baroque town nestled below the impressive Hohensalzburg Fortress, a medieval complex that also includes a baroque palace and formal gardens. The city is also known for its other Baroque style churches, plazas, courtyards, as well as fountains. Salzburg is also known throughout the world as the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the renowned composer and capitalizes on this local fame through the presence of various museums, squares, residences, as well as chocolate bars and liqueurs which are used to honor him.

St Anton

Located in the exclusive Arlberg region of Austria, an area that incorporates various skiing resorts, the St Anton resort is the most extravagant and elite resort. It is not for the budget traveler since it is also the most expensive location with elaborate amenities to make you feel rested and relaxed or if you want some excitement there are plenty of energetic nighttime attractions.


The highlight of Gurk is its monumental 12th century cathedral, which is a prime example of Romanesque architecture. Visitors who venture inside will notice the elaborate statuary and carvings, including various statues numbering at 72 while 82 angels’ heads adorn the church altar.


During World War II, the Nazis established one of many concentration camps in this upper Austrian city, largely because it afforded a ready source of labor in the form of the local granite quarries. Prisoners were forced to work long, grueling hours in the quarries. Many died struggling to make the trek back and forth from the quarry to the camp on the so-called Stairway of Death.

Environment in Austria

Located in central Europe, Austria is a landlocked nation that resembles a vaguely pipe shape. The size of the country east to west is 560 kilometers (347 miles) and 280 kilometer (173 miles) north to south. It is surrounded by Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Italy, and Switzerland. The western and southern areas of Austria are taken up by the Alps, with the highest point being the summit at Grossglockner, a peak rising 3,797meters (12,455 feet). The Bohemian Mastif is a region of northern forestlands that run all the way to the Czech border. The Danube Valley, with its verdant lowlands in the east, represents Austria’s major farming districts. Those interested in lakes should visit the Carinthia and the Salzkammergut region. Finally, the regions of Styria, Burgenland, and Lower Austria are the wine producing regions of the country.

Almost half of the country is taken up by forested lands, made up of a generous mix of oak, beech, and conifers. The latter is actually more concentrated at higher altitudes. As one ascends into the Alpine regions, trees give way to meadows filled with orchids, edelweiss, and poppies. The mountains also include an assortment of wildlife that making for interesting animal watching. There are ibex (a type of mountain goat that has large curved horns), the chamois (horned antelope) as well as the marmot (a relative of the squirrel). Butterflies can be found in abundance, flittering about the meadows.

Austria’s climate is moderate and reflective of common central European standards. In the east, the land has what is called a Continental Pannonian climate, which provides reasonable summer-time temperatures. Travelers should be prepared for a wide range of temperatures that are dependent up the altitude. Yet, average temperatures range between 20 and 25C; (68 and 77F) in summer, 1 and 4C (34 and 39C) in winter, and 8 and 15C (46 and 59C) in spring and autumn.

There And Back Again

Austria’s rail lines cover a wide selection of major European destinations and provide the most comfortable and efficient means of transportation in the country. Those who cannot accord the train can make use of the various bus services. While they are slower and less comfortable than trains, they are also less expensive and they provide comparable coverage to other European destinations. Austria’s highway system includes the Autobahnen, which provides a well-maintained and fast travel route to the surrounding countries. The major border crossings are open 24 hours a day.

For those traveling between Vienna, Budapest, and Bratislava, in summer or spring, hydrofoil services can be useful for quick passage up and down the Danube River for those who have the funds. There are also steamers that run between Vienna and the German border town of Passau in the months of May through late September. Boat services are typically used by those who want to take scenic excursions, rather than getting from point A to point B.

Local Transportation

Tyrolean Airways is Austria’s primary domestic airport and provides numerous flights per day between major cities like Vienna. Austrian train services are comfortable, clean, and on fairly consistent schedules. There is also the federal bus network known as the Bundesbus that supplements the train system. It is used for local trips and journey to destinations off the beaten path. In fact, the Bundesbus is the exclusive service for several ski resorts, like those in Vorarlberg and Tirol.

Visitors can take advantage of rental car services that have reasonable coverage throughout the country, particularly in the cities. Many Austrian cities also have local tram services. Of course, for those who want to get more exercise while traveling, there are many outlets for either purchasing or even renting bicycles. Among them are the over 160 railway stations that are spread across the various cities. Cyclist conscious planners have made sure that those who bike will have great and safe places to ride both inside and outside the city. In the Alpine regions, there are actually five categories of local transportation. They include the funicular, cable car, gondola, cable chair, and ski lift.

Top Travel Destinations in US

Top Travel Destinations in US

One of the most diverse and largest countries in our planet is none other than United States that brags a remarkable amount of tourist attractions ranging from skyscrapers of Chicago and New York, natural wonders of Alaska and Yellowstone to the sunlit beaches of Hawaii, Florida and California. With numbers of amazing tourist destinations it is difficult to list only top five destinations in US; however, it is quite a challenging task to do so but in the meantime the current article highlights the most popular travel destinations in US. Furthermore, if you are an adventure seeker or want to have a wonderful experience ever in your life then you should visit the following tourist attractions in US.

  • Time Square, New York City

The Manhattan crossroads of business and trade retains the top position in the list of popular travel destinations in the United States. It is said that it is just because of the visit to Big Apple regardless of the economic turndown in 2008. Numbers of reviews show that despite of the economic turndown, there are numbers of people that visit Time Square, Ney York City. Undoubtedly, the beauty in Ney York City has attracted numbers of tourists but it is also noticed that its huge popularity is because of the Crossroads of world. The familiar sights and skylines of Time Square have been featured hundreds of thousands of times on screen. Picture the incredible Statue of Liberty, walk in the shade of skyscrapers, scramble the Empire State edifice and watch the Broadway show are some of the most favorite activities of each and every tourist that go to Time Square to have an amazing experience ever.

  • Las Vegas Strip

Las Vegas is such an amazing place to visit that no one can deny this truth; if you go to US and do not visit Las Vegas means you have not seen the beauty hidden in every object found there. Starting from the roads to National Scenic program, each ad everything depicts the real beauty that cannot be enclosed in just few words. Sometimes it is difficult for the tourists as well to describe the real sensations felt while visiting the Las Vegas Strip; it is hard to state that which of the following qualities such as cultural, archeological, natural, recreational, scenic and historic qualities describe Las Vegas the best. In addition, because of these appreciable features, the numbers of visitors seem to be increased every year. Las Vegas has become one of the most popular places in United Sates in a very short time span; it possesses mega casino hotels that are mostly decorated with lavish attention and care in order to create and manage an imaginative atmosphere, or in simple words you can say that these mega casinos present a fantasy like atmosphere, the names of these casinos evoke mystery, far-away destination and romance.

  • Memorial Parks and National Mall, Washington, D.C

Active your vacations do not forget to visit the National Mall and Memorial Parks while you are on United States. Though, many of the landmarks in United States have been visited for numbers of visitors and tourists every year but the charm and attraction they get in Memorial Parks in Washington DC is simply incredible. Memorial Parks and National Mall are not situated on a small area that is managed and organized by the administration in an attractive way but they are expanded for a long area containing Jefferson, Lincoln, and Washington Memorials, and the Vietnam War and Korean Memorials. These memorial parks are expanded to very large areas that are designed beautifully with colorful flowers and greenery; because of natural beauty, numerous families, and children come there to relax and enjoy the time they have.4. Faneuil Hall Marketplace, Boston:

Faneuil Hall offer multi services to the precious customers and visitors in an effective and efficient manner. It has a meeting hall and a market place, thus called as Faneuil Hall Marketplace. It has a large building containing variety of eating establishments and shops on the ground floor and the second floor is fully occupied in the form of a meeting room. The next floor contains armory of Ancient and Artillery Company and the museum. Focusing on the services offered by Faneuil Hall Marketplace, it is said that Faneuil hall marketplace offers enjoyment, amusement, shopping facilities, and conduction of training and meeting sessions in a comfortable environment. These all attributes of the Hall Marketplace are good enough to attract the visitors and tourists in a better way. Furthermore, in order to have a wide range of facilities under one roof, you should endeavor the Faneuil Hall Marketplace.

  • Disneyland Park, Anaheim, California

Disneyland Park is one of the most real tourist attractions that depict a world of fantasy and imagination. Every one of you definitely wants to enter this magical world where you can walk around exotic jungles, sail with pirates, meet the fairy tale princesses and dive under the rocket and ocean through stars. Disneyland mark is an adorable destination where families of families come to make their dream come true. It is simply a place where you can relax for hours, playing with the characters of fantasy world, spend the precious time with your children and make your children happier. Meanwhile, while getting the positive response from generations of families the administration of the Disneyland Park has expanded its land based on the same theme; these lands are Fantasy land, Frontier land, Mickey’s Toon town, Critter Country, Adventure land and tomorrow land.

Travel Reviews: The Best Travel Destinations for Valentine’s Day

The users of one of the biggest travel communities online (, with more than 600.000 profiled subscribers) have chosen the most romantic destinations for the upcoming Valentine’s Day. In this time of the year every couple is looking forward to plan a nice Valentine Day and one of the best option is a trip to a romantic destination, be it a European city (the evergreens are Paris, Rome and Venice) or an enchanting country spot., with its vast community of travelers, makes periodic listings of the best travel destinations to visit all over the world, based exclusively on the votes by the registered community members. For the upcoming Valentine’s Day, travelers have chosen three ‘alternative’ travel destinations in Europe, three places worth a visit with your partner for the sheer beauty of the surroundings and the local points of interest related to romantic affairs and love relationships.

The three best destinations for the upcoming Valentine’s Day are: Riga (the capital of Latvia), Bruges in Belgium and Strasbourg in France. The first city is a real outsider, and has been chosen by the travel community for the pleasure of discovering a new place, outside of the main travel routes, and for its romantic atmosphere, made of old and traditional houses and palaces, idyllic spots and peaceful surroundings.

The two runner-ups in this listing made by PlacesOnline, Bruges and Strasbourg, are more conventional European destinations, chosen for their artistic and architectural beauties, perfect for a week end with your partner outside of the mainstream tourist routes, to discover a new romantic place in beautiful ‘old Europe’. Both cities are characterized by little small houses with the traditional gabled roof, and the latter also by its charming canals running through the city.

And then there’s Italy, a lover’s dream and an absolute evergreen for romantic holidays and weekends. Apart for the ‘classic’ cities like Rome, Venice, Florence and Naples, there are many smaller travel destinations suitable for a short holiday with your partner. Especially in the central area of the peninsula, rich of small places and villas like Gradara, in the Marche countryside, which hosts the famous castle where took place one of the most famous romantic stories in Italian literature: the love affair between Paolo and Francesca, narrated in Dante’s Divine Comedy.

Another very characteristic and romantic place in central Italy is Pienza, located in beautiful Tuscany. Here you can find the famous ‘Way of Love’, a romantic walk where lovers from all over Italy (and beyond) congregate in every period of the year to share a beautiful and romantic experience. Citt della Pieve is also worth a visit, especially if in the context of a longer itinerary which starts from Terni, some 100 km away from the city of Pienza.